About Us

Company Bio

Comet Strip Enterprises is a privately owned and operated importer and wholesaler of general non-branded merchandise across Canada. The Company is also engaged in specialized services including product redesign, product sourcing and custom branding.

Our expansive collection of over 10,000 items offers the products of many combined importers and distributors. Excellent customer service ensures you obtain desired products with impressive efficiency. Comet Strip’s business reaches to all provinces and territories of Canada with sales offices established in Victoria, Richmond, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. Additionally, representatives are located in the remaining regions. Our customers include major nationwide drug and grocery chains.

Comet Strip’s management style and teamwork business practices have helped employees become a family. As a family we donate to good causes and make an effort to supply underprivileged kids with gifts and work with our local communities.

Fact Sheet

Established: 1982 Headquarters: Richmond, BC, Canada Employees: 90+ Regions of Business: AB, BC, MB, NL, NB, NT, NS, ON, PE, QC, SK, YT

Ownership and Management

Comet Strip Enterprises (Canada) Ltd. is a privately owned and operated corporation.

Company History

Comet Strip Enterprises (Canada) Ltd. was founded in February, 1982. The modest beginnings of a one suite office soon grew through the hard work and dedication of its founders and employees. In a few months, operations had expanded to warrant an upgrade to a 3,000 square foot warehouse. With strong personal links to suppliers and sincere dedication to customer needs, the company continued to develop at a rapid pace. Today, Comet Strip uses over 140,000 square feet of warehouse space (2004).

The Origin of “Comet Strip”

To appease the desires of their children, the proprietors originally planned to establish a charming video arcade by the name of Comet Strip. Unfortunately, acquiring the permit for such an establishment was not possible. The proprietors were fond of the name and carried it over to another venture, widely known today as Comet Strip Enterprises (Canada) Ltd.

The comet, a celestial body traveling eternally through space in a clear path, defines our organization well. We have direction, desire, and means to fly prosperously into the future.

Outlook & Mission Statement

Comet Strip’s mission is to provide customers with quality merchandise at the lowest possible prices. We achieve customer satisfaction with our great service and we achieve low prices through strong relationships with suppliers, consolidation of the supply chain, and efficient business. Our team strongly values hard work, loyalty, and ethics. Our conduct in business can be summed up succinctly:

  • Take care of our customers
  • Take care of our employees
  • Respect our suppliers
  • Abide by the principles of the law

Comet Strip’s future focus is to expand existing markets, especially on the eastern Canadian coast. We are making headway into the northeastern and northwestern coastal markets of the US. Our long term goal is to service the entire of North America as well as select international regions.

Our culture is comprised of six universal values: spirit, pride, determination, commitment, passion, and integrity